Meet Courtney:

Through designed spaces, experiences, and practices, I help clients define and achieve their individual life force. As a facilitator, I’m dedicated to supporting individuals and organizations to reach their highest potential through coaching with intentional education and training. With thoughtfully structured opportunities and workshops as a medium, I encourage individuals to be their authentic self, dive into their strengths, and create a life that fills them up.   

I’ve always been inspired by connections that transcend the self. At 4 years old, I discovered my first love: horses. Down the line, that love and admiration led to competing and eventually teaching therapeutic riding for individuals with special needs. The grounding elements of connecting with an animal beautifully contributed to positive cognitive, physical, and emotional wellbeing of all my students. Those lessons riding and teaching showed me that a relationship with a horse is intimate and all encompassing. They act as teachers and friends. I like to think of horses as a metaphor for the range of individuals that come into our life - that anyone can act as a teacher and guide, even your greatest challenges and challengers.  

As all paths are non-linear, I dove into the world of the creative arts as an actor and model. During the beginning of my creative career, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. The stillness I found during treatment led to the realization that I didn't want a career dependent on how I looked. Instead, I valued a career where I could serve. I spent over a decade leading corporate training in the automotive industry where I combined my penchant for performance with a love of connection and empowerment. During this time, I found Kundalini Yoga, a practice that focuses on the power of breath as a tool for focus. Taking the time to slow down helped me realize that traditional leadership wasn’t working for most corporate organizations. Programs focused on hitting numbers and quotas, not shaping a culture or creating a space where employees felt empowered.   

In my eyes, a fulfilling life is a life that’s balanced. But, sometimes purpose and passion can get lost in the noise. Busy work schedules, self-imposed expectations, and distractions fill in the spaces that should be rife with inspiration and action.  

I facilitate cultural and mindfulness shifts for individuals and teams to create greater awareness and instigate positive change. These transitions are accomplished through tranformational leadership coaching and embodiment practices that align individuals with their highest potential.    

A Long Island native, I currently reside in Manhattan, New York. When I’m not coaching clients virtually, I spend my time traveling the globe as a leadership coach and facilitator for passionate brands. 


I received an Advanced Diploma in Leadership Coaching from New York University where I studied self-directed coaching models informed by systems in science, psychology, neuroscience, and change principles, augmented by world-class leadership theory and practices. I am also Master Certified by The Association for Talent and Development as a Trainer, Facilitator and Coach. 

As a life-long learner, I have extensively studied human behavior through DiSC Behavioral Assessment, Emotional Intelligence, Yogic Science and Philosophy. I have deeply studied Kundalini Yoga and Meditation for 5 years. My training includes Level 1 Teacher Training (220 hours), Level 2 Teacher Training in Authentic Relationships, and Kundalini Medicine Yoga Therapy Training (800 hours in process). 

My love for horses inspired me to become a volunteer and later obtain a PATH International Riding Instructor Certification to teach therapeutic riding to special needs. 

Education is an ever-evolving practice. As I continue to create paths for clients to identify their power, I continue to educate through traditional courses and self-learning. I aim to accomplish mastery across many disciplines, and bring those lessons to my work. 

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