It has been such a gift being in the care and presence of Courtney.

I started working with Courtney to find compassion for myself. I knew I was being too critical but I didn’t have the tools to move forward. Working with Courtney has given me profound awareness and clarity. We have worked on healing past wounds, re-framing my inner dialogue, and releasing blockages – completely shifting my perspective in my daily life. I’ve learned to set and maintain boundaries, to be proud of my authentic self, and to expand out of my comfort zone. Courtney helps me stay committed and accountable to my short and long-term goals through her intentional assignments, breathwork and meditation sessions, and her consistent support each week. It has been such a gift being in the care and presence of Courtney. Truly one of the best decisions of my life. 


I saw myself breaking old patterns and establishing new, more effective strategies.

Before I began working with Courtney, I had been stuck in a rut of complacency in nearly every area of my life. I felt I was ready for change, but didn’t know what that looked like or how to accomplish it. Courtney helped me lay the groundwork for becoming a more active player in my own life. Over a very short period of time, I saw myself breaking old patterns and establishing new, more effective strategies. Most importantly, I was able to let go and become a much better version of myself. I now feel a renewed sense of vigor and new doors are opening. If given the opportunity, I highly recommend working with Courtney in any shape or form.


I worked with Courtney at a time when I was having difficulty navigating many challenges.

 As a mother of 3, remarried after a difficult divorce, and an entrepreneur, life was spinning away from me and I was feeling like I was losing my way. After our first session I regained a sense of self again, and she set me on a path for further discovery as well as a way to keep myself grounded. She is a gifted, warm, and thoughtful guide. If you have the opportunity to work with her, take it.


Author of The Wellpath,
Founder of The Wellpath Clinic

Helped me strategize how to improve my work and life balance.

I highly recommend Courtney for realignment sessions. She is extremely insightful, has helped me strategize how to improve my work and life balance and career goals, and has given me very helpful exercises to bring awareness to conscious and subconscious patterns. I look forward to more sessions with her asap!


Helped me tap into my courage, strength, passion, & confidence.

I had amazing one on one sessions with Courtney. I sought her out to guide me with upgrading and recreating my career. Not only did she give me tools to navigate challenges and set-backs but she assisted me with creating an inner-self support system that helped me move with grace and ease during the navigation for my new journey. Courtney helped me tap into my courage, strength, passion and confidence and I am eternally grateful.

Elliesha V

In just a few months, I have experienced exponential internal growth.

I started working with Courtney during a significant transition in my life. I had just left my corporate job of almost ten years without knowing what I wanted to do next. I am a happier person today with Courtney’s willingness and support to push me forward, even on the days when I am struggling. I now have the tools to create the life I want and am well on my way. I highly recommend working with Courtney if you are at a transition point in your life and want someone who is action-oriented.


“I have felt a sense of relief internally of the negative self talk and I now understand the power of listening to your body (not just the mind).

I was introduced to Courtney over 5 years ago and have since found myself on a journey of personal discovery- during that time I have experienced many different forms of therapy, healing and movement. I can say of those Courtney has a distinctly unique way to blend the spiritual and feminine energy with the grounding and masculine energy that focuses on you as an individual without forgetting how to live and interact with the real world.

Coming into coaching with Courtney I had struggled with listening to my own intuition and was playing small in my life. I knew I wanted a life that was lived to its fullest potential and each session with Courtney allowed me to establish a daily practice, unblock outdated patterns, and build my confidence in myself and the life I wanted.

As a result I have found communities of people that fill me up and align to my own outlook and am currently following my dream of remotely working from anywhere in the world.


“I would highly recommend working with Courtney when you’re ready to take yourself & your business to the next level.

Courtney is a wonderful coach who led me through multiple transitions in my business during our time working together. I came into our sessions intending to talk strategy, but she gently
guided me into doing more of the inner work.

Her leadership allowed me to gain deep insights into myself & gave me the tools to stop playing small - i.e. hiding behind fear & perfectionism, while holding me accountable to commit to myself on a deeper basis.


I wanted to achieve more self confidence and have a more structured day-to-day life because as a creative, it is really, really hard. Courtney understands what it’s like to be creative in today’s world.


I don’t just feel confident, I feel powerful. I now have the tools to show up as my truest most authentic self.

When I began working with Courtney my main goal was to find clarity in my career. Through her coaching I now feel empowered in every aspect of my life.

What began as a mission to become more confident led to breaking down walls, setting boundaries, and having deeper more meaningful relationships. After working with Courtney I got a promotion and have a significantly better work/life balance. I absolutely credit these to our work collectively.


She truly pushed my team to the next level.

I worked with Courtney at a time when I was struggling with my business and managing the team.  Courtney showed us how to truly be in tune with our self and making us aware how to hold ourself accountable.

The biggest result is that she has bought so much awareness within us as a team and after within the client base when we perform in daily bases.

I absolutely love her and making us all aware how to operate. I truly felt the shift within our team. Having top notch clientele, my expectations are high.