Coaching is an opportunity to take time and create space for profound reflection. We’ll clarify your authentic path, bring light to blind spots, and release blocks.

Together, we’ll align your actions with purpose and ask powerful solution-focused questions. I’ll help you step into a space of radical responsibility that will empower you to define your purpose and activate movement - in the self and in the world. 

Let your inner truth guide the way through individualized support and facilitation. 

Light an internal fire while deepening your self-knowledge and mastery

Tap into your inner compass

Find a system to make empowered decisions and actions to reach your goals 

Create a foundation in your truth—your authentic self, so decisions flow more easily 

Have a support system to hold you accountable to create positive change

Define your version of success while shifting limited beliefs

Relate to your emotions with a deepened level of sensitivity & empowerment

You will:

I work with individuals, creatives, entrepreneurs, small businesses and large corporations. 

My Approach

Mental Body

addressing the subconscious beliefs that are directing your life

Emotional Body

addressing the emotions that are stored in the body through somatic processing and release

Spiritual Body

developing a deeper connection to your intuition, inner guidance, and trust in yourself

I take a holistic approach by addressing the four bodies to reach equilibrium .

Physical Body

developing a deepened understanding of your body’s intel through yogic science and movement





60 minute coaching sessions held via Zoom

Hand selected worksheets and frameworks to guide authentic expression and embodiment

Custom recorded guided meditation to blast through and rewire subconscious blocks, 40 day practice

Coaching Container:

  • 2 sessions per month
  • 9 month commitment for integration
Investment: $440/month

Six Session intro:



3 levels of coaching to meet your needs:

Offered to clients who have completed 6 months of individual or group coaching or more:

For those who are looking to dive into the work and create change internally and externally:

  • 4 sessions per month
  • 6 month commitment for deep change
Investment: $890/month

Video recording of my Breathe dynamic kundalini breathwork class to move stagnant energy and emotions

Pre-session accountability forms to optimize our work in and out of session

Followup session email

Offered to first time clients who are looking to discover possibilities:

  • 6 sessions 
  • 8 week commitment 
Investment: $287/session


I take on a select number of clients for one-on-one coaching. If you are open and ready to commit to discovery please fill out the following form:

Thank you! I will review your application and respond to you soon.