Private Coaching

Coaching is an opportunity to take time and create space for profound reflection. With a lens of self leadership, we’ll clarify your passion, your authentic path, and bring light to blind spots.

Together, we’ll align your actions with purpose and ask powerful solution-focused questions. I’ll help you step into a space of radical responsibility that will empower you to define your purpose and activate movement - in the self and in the world. 

Relinquish control and let your truth guide the way through support and facilitation. 

You will:
- Light an internal fire while deepening your self-knowledge and mastery
- Find a system to make empowered decisions and actions to reach your goals 
- Create a foundation in your truth—your authentic self, so decisions flow more easily 
- Have a support system to hold you accountable to create positive change
- Define your version of success while shifting limited beliefs
- Relate to your emotions with a deepened level of sensitivity & empowerment

I work with individuals, creatives, entrepreneurs, small businesses and large corporations. 

I require that clients work with me for four sessions a month for a minimum of 6 months, however for deep, lasting change, clients benefit from working with me for 12-24 months. 

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group accelerator

The Inner Colllective

The Inner Collective is a dynamic course designed to align your vision and connect with your personal power in an intimate group setting. Through radical reflection, grounding practices, and introspection, The Inner Collective is a space for deep work. Clarify your vision, notice your habits, and set your dreams into motion with support from a group of like-minded beings. Think of The Inner Collective as soul school - a gentle path for empowerment, belonging, and freedom to be your own authority. 

My self-leadership approach stems from a foundation of coaching, an intrinsic understanding of human dynamics, and a deep reverence of yogic philosophy. Practices combine cultural and mindfulness shifts to create greater awareness and instigate positive change.  

Over a decade of facilitating deep work, there’s been one resounding truth: that truly impactful breakthroughs happen through daily and personal work. The Inner Collective is a platform, but the work is a result of self-mastery and an understanding that the possibilities for your greatness are endless. I’m a believer that we hold the power to unlock our souls code - my work is to help you show up for yourself. The Inner Collective is a on-going month to month commitment to facilitate authentic exchange and support evolution. 

For those looking for deeper guidance, 1:1 coaching sessions are available at a specialized rate. Through collaborative meetings, I’ll propose solution-focused questions and help you step into a space of radical responsibility. The result? A defined purpose and a sense of immeasurable empowerment. 

You create your own universe. You hold the key to living to your highest potential.



Speaking & Workshops

There is so much to be said. Maybe you’re hoping to align your team as a community. Maybe guided meditation is a practice needed in the office. Perhaps you’re hoping to inspire individuals to look after their wellbeing on a deeper level. 

I’d love to share my voice and knowledge to lead your organization through empowering practices. Speaking engagements can take many forms – interactive workshops, guided meditations, lectures on balancing work and play. 

All speaking engagements are tailored to my audience and a larger theme. I’d love to develop materials to engage, empower and connect your team.